Spell Bottles are infused with a blend of herbs and crystals that have been cleansed, charged and consecrated to manifest, draw, protect, deflect energy as intended...infused with intense crystal energy to manifest the charge of the Magickal energy...Can be carried or placed where Guided..,perfect to place in the entry point or any room in your home, on a windowsill or workspace, buried (in the front yard) on your property... your Spell Bottle is sealed and will keep the charge as long as its kept sealed...do not open intentionally 


Keep out of reach of children

*Each sold separately


  • Product ingredient information provided on purchased item

    *All Herbs are naturally sourced

    *Herb & Crystal Spells are infused & created by Destiny Visions

    *Keep out of reach of children

    *Herbs not intended for use in herbal tea, brews, or ingestion/consumption