Resin Incense to be burnt on charcoal tablets...Draws and manifests intense energy as desired...perfect to use in rituals, Spellwork. when setting intentions & for all Magickal workings 


Includes small wooden spoon 


Keep out of reach of children

*Each sold separately


  • Using tongs, hold & light charcoal tablet

    Place charcoal in resin bowl/holder

    Add 1 scoop of resin on top of tablet (wooden spoon included)

    Allow it to burn (may need to re-light charcoal as required)

    Once resin is finished, remains of ash can be simply scattered outside

  • Product ingredient information provided on purchased item

    *All Resins ingrediants are naturally sourced

    *Keep out of reach of children

    *Resins not intended for use in herbal tea, brews, or ingestion/consumption