A Relationship Reading is an in-depth Psychic Reading exploring the dynamics of the specific Relationship in question...this Reading focuses on the several areas of the relationship including the combined and individual energies, the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, what energy each individual is contributing to the Relationship, it's communication, where the relationship is headed and  Guidance/Messages regarding focus points, bringing through messages and Guidance that may assist you moving forward upon the path of your future journey...


Destiny Visions will connect to both your Energy and the person in questions Energy, communicate with Angels/Spirit Guides, work with Tarot and with selected/guided Crystals to bring though guidance/messages...Specific time frames and pivotal future events may also come through during this Reading...Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit may also come through and be passed on during this Reading


Destiny Visions is a Psychic Medium and Readings are conducted by connecting to your Energy through photograph, working with Tarot, Crystals and communicating with Spirit...throughout a Reading, messages that come through from Loved Ones in Spirit and Angels/Spirit Guides, are passed on with Intentions of Love and Light


Specific Crystals are also used during this Reading, connected to your Energy as Guided and are worked with to invite healing energy to the Mind, Body, Spirit, assisting to release toxic, negative energies, release & unblock stagnant Chakra Energy and assist to ground and balance energy...these Crystals are available to purchase, fully charged with Energy from your Reading and are recommended to continue to use as Guided throughout your Reading to assist with Energy Healing as intended.


*Readings are conducted via audio file and emailed to recipient
*Readings will be received within approx. 6 weeks of booking - date to be confirmed by Destiny Visions upon receipt of booking
*Payment to be paid in full prior to booking date
*Photo of full head where eyes can be clearly seen is required for the reading of both persons and name of both required - please email or send through facebook 
*Reading time is non specific and determined by messages and healing that comes through…approx. 1 hour


*Readings will not be conducted for terminal illness, legal matters and/or custody matters
*Must be over 18


  • Please select 'Psychic Reading Only' in checkout to avoid incurring shipping charges

  • A photograph of your full head/face and eyes for both yourself and other recipient to be emailed to 

    contact.destinyvisions@gmail.com OR

    via Facebook Message to:

    Destiny Visions Psychic Medium