KEYWORDS: Passion, Pure Love, Elegance, Beauty, Balancing Emotional Healing, Eases Heartache & Grief, Nurturing, Soul Mate Connection

ZODIAC: Taurus, Aries, Leo


CHAKRA: Heart/Base

HOLISTIC: Restores physical energy drained by emotional trauma/strengthens heart muscles/aids circulation/soothes cuts, bites & wounds

AFFIRMATION: ‘I trust my inner talents to be of benefit for humanity…I am safe to allow my heart to heal & to love’


Rhodonite works beneficially on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love & promotes self-love…attracting love on a Soul Connected/Soul Mate level…it is also a calming stone, used for easing anger as well as calming stress &anxiety & brings emotional balance…it manifests passionate loving energy and can assist with libido & nurture feelings of love… it helps to heal  both emotionally & physically after a period of grief or loss, illness, heartache and intense emotional unhappiness…it is exceptional for aiding in healing the pain of unrequited love and to help you learn to love yourself once again after a relationship breakup… protects against feelings of jealousy and envy…Rhodonite is also ideal for alerting one to circumstances where something or someone is not as it seems, and provides the ‘wake up call’ needed to do something positive about it…Rhodonite is a stone used  for dispelling and processing emotional pain & may help clear away & heal scars & wounds from the past…it increases self-esteem & confidence…it creates an engaging aura & promotes a beautiful energy when worn or carried


* Each sold seperately


  • Each individual Crystal may vary in size, texture, inclusions and colour clarity/pattern due to being a natural gemstone

  • Cleanse and recharge your Crystals regularly after use by smudging with white sage or using a Crystal Purification Resin... (These products are available through my website) …for intense cleansing, give your Crystals a Moonlight Bathe each Full Moon out overnight under the Moonlight or on a windowsill where the Moonlight can reach