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The History Of Charmed Bags

Updated: Sep 10

History of Charmed Bags, Spell Bags, Mojo Bags, Medicine Bags, Spirit Bags (they are known by many names)...

For centuries, Medicine Men, Witches, Shaman, Wise Women, Indigenous Elders, have been dedicating herbal remedies in sachets/pouches/bags to be carried to offer the wearer spiritual or physical protection or draw positive energies and Blessings Ones way, through the combination of specific herbs, resins, oils, crystals and charms as protective talismans...these Magickal, consecrated herbs offer different properties to Ones aura and well-being, helping to promote intentions to manifest as desired. Herbal Charmed bags were treated with great respect and the owner should always continue to treat the Magickal Charmed Bag as such, knowing that it is serving as a tool for protection, guidance, healing and happiness, both spiritually and physically...

Charmed Bags can be carried on the person, left in a frequented space, hung/placed in your home, office, next to your bed, your sacred space, altar or even in a car to bring about safety & other corresponding wher ever you feel Guided and you can move it around and take it wherever you go as Guided...They are handcrafted with a powerful combination which carries the highest vibrations... Charmed Bags are for your use only & once you connect to it, you must be the only one to handle it… as it connects to you, your energy will act as a conduit, activating the Magickal energy to resonate with the highest vibrational Spirits/Angels to manifest positive energy to serve your greater good...Always use your Charmed Bag in your highest good.

Wishing you Love, Light & Magick

Destiny Visions

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