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Super Blue Moon- Full Moon in Pisces - 31 August 2023

(approx 11:35 am AEST)

Full Moon Blessings!

This magnificent Full Moon, being the second of two powerful Super Moons in August, is also a Blue Moon which is quite rare and happens when two full moons occur within the same month...usually we are only blessed with one Full Moon in a monthly cycle, however when a full moon comes at the begnning of the month, another one can happen before the months ends and we then experince a Super 'Blue Moon'....this Full Moon is transitioning through the sign of Pisces, so this makes the perfect timing to set intentions around expressing your creativity, healing & transformation...

The full Moon in Pisces is one of the more mystical full Moons and as a water sign, Pisces adds an extra element of intuition, femininity, and transcendence to the Moon Energy...Pisces represents the ocean...vast, boundless, and connected to everything...It brings out our creativity, our capacity to heal, and our willingness to dive deep into the encourages us to take our awareness to another level...that we limit our distractions, especially the ones causing emotional disturbances and to recognise the opportunity to release the many energies that distract us or make us forget our true potential...

Pisces reminds you on this Full Moon, that you do not need to force do not need to control or perfect anything...and that the more you let go of attachments and expectations, the more you will feel aligned with your trust in the process and the flow of your life...You simply need to release the barriers within you that prevent you from receiving what you need...Draw on this powerful energy to raise your awareness of Self and to accept the Divine timing manifesting around you...

Delight in the energy of this Super Moon, which brings harmony and understanding...Being a Blue Moon, ask for a long-held wish or secret desire to be manifested! The Super Full Moon brings heightened manifestation power, so be careful what you wish for as this powerful energy will work to manifest your Intentions!!!

Over the next 3 days...draw on the powerful, potent energy of this Super Blue Moon and its intense Magick! Great timing for Magickal workings concerning dreams, completion of cycles, enhancing psychic abilities, intuition & flow of energy...also the perfect timing for healing work around womens cycles...

For offerrings, Magickal workings, Castings, to add to your Altar, to carry/wear:

Crystals - Rainbow Moonstone, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli & Mixed Fluorite

Apothecary Herbs - Coltsfoot , Lavendar, Chamomile, White Sage

Magickal Blends - Full Moon Resin, Magick Circle Resin, Full Moon Intention Bag/Bottle, Water Elemental Bottle

Wishing you Love, Light & Magick...

Destiny Visions

* Crystals, Apothecary Herbs, Intention Resins/Intention Bags/Intention Bottles/Elemental Bottles can be purchased via my website

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