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A time of new beginnings...

As we welcome in Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a time to celebrate the returning of the Light after the darkness of the Winter marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox & it is conenected with new beginnings...first stirrings of Spring in the Earth, as we welcome in the awakening after the dark Winter months...a perfect time to celebrate this Sabbat by lighting candles, Spring cleaning your home, space, altar...setting intentions for the coming year...time to start planting the seeds to manifest as the awakening, new energy that aligns with this season, brings a feeling of 'lighter'days ahead...

For Magickal workings, castings around Love, prosperity and happiness are perfect at this time...offerings of Apothecary Herbs such as Cammomile, Coltsfoot, Angelica Root & Violet are perfect for honouring the rites of the coming Spring & the Goddess Bridget who is celebrated during this Sabbat...leave a bowl of water with your herbal offerings for Blessings of vitality & rejuvenation...

Wishing you Love, Light & Magick

~Destiny Visions

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