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Full Moon in Taurus - 29/10/23

(approx. 7.24 am AEST)

Full Moon Blessings!

The magnificent Full Moon transitioning through the sign of Taurus tonight is the perfect timing to set new goals & intentions...this Full Moon in Taurus is a time to get moving & to help you get 'unstuck' where there are inbalances in your life...a time to put procrastination aside & set the wheels in motion...

As the Full Moon transitions through the sign of Taurus, focus on family, children, love & home are highlighted...also the perfect timing for purchase of real estate, home renovations & positive outcomes around property matters...

The Taurus moon is dependable and reliable, acting as a stabilising force which will help counteract & balance energies around heightened drama, revelation of secrets and information that comes to light on something you may have been waiting to hear/discover...there is also a significant influence on relationships, shaping the way yourself & others express affection may find yourself & those close to you craving affection, seeking deeper connections & more emotional stability...

Over the next 3 days...draw on the powerful, potent energy of this Full Moon in Taurus to set intentions particulary regarding home, family, strengthening relationships, love & deeper Soul level connections...For Magickal workings, this is also the perfect time for creating/consecrating a sacred space within the home... For offerrings, Magickal workings, Castings, to add to your Altar, to carry/wear:

Crystals - Carnelian, Red Jasper, Jade, Malachite

Apothecary Herbs - White Sage, Thyme, Rose Buds/Petals, Mugwort, Burdock

Magickal Blends - Full Moon Resin, Magick Circle Resin, Full Moon Spell Bag, Earth Elemental Bottle

*** Cleanse & recharge your Crystals, Spell Bags, Bottles & Divination Tools out under the magnificent energy of the Full Moon...a windowsill where the Moonlight can reach is also perfect...Sun connected Crystals can also be left out to cleanse & recharge over the next 3 consecutive days to source the Sun Energy also heightend at this time... Wishing you Love, Light & Magick... Destiny Visions

* Crystals, Apothecary Herbs, Spell Resins/Spell Bags/Spell Bottles/Elemental Bottles can be purchased via my website

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